The State of Schumannbot

When I set out to create @schumannbot in the Fall of 2017 I had no idea it would become as big as it is. I really appreciate all of the love and support and the interest in the topic. Here is a brief update for our dedicated followers concerning the events that have taken place over the past few months and what the future of the project will look like.


  • Bring back the YouTube Livestream
  • Rebuild and update the Schumann Resonance page
  • Provide explanatory content on YouTube
  • Bring back Schumann Sundays!!!
  • Visit a Schumann Resonance monitoring station

The past few months have been incredibly difficult in terms of managing the project. In the late fall of 2020, on top of all of the stress surrouding the COVID-19 debacle I was a targeted by a small outfit of hackers claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous. They attempted to dox me and take down the platform which took a toll on my mental health. This was due to the wealth of QAnon associated followers and their belief that I was somehow a key player. Following the election Twitter purged a bunch of bots, rogue accounts, Donald Trump, and Q followers (No comment) and the state of @schumannbot was threated. I began to see shadow bans and other concerning signs of a possible permaban. I made the account private and began migration to another account with API access. During this time the livestream went down and the machine I was hosting it on had some hardware trouble. I am now searching for a good place to host the stream, probably in the cloud. That is my brief update, you know where to find me ;)