Uncle Bens Tek

I took interest in the cultivation of mushrooms years before I had ever tried my first dose of psychedlic mushrooms. Like most people researching the subject, my investigation stopped shortly after discovering the sanitation process that was necessary to successfully grow mushrooms without contamination. Typically these setups involve a highly sanitary environment and a pressure cooker to sterilize “spawn grains”.

A relatively new technique is now quickly gaining traction which allows you to skip a good portion of the sanitary precautions.

They say capitalism breeds innovation. It should also be said that capitalism exploits laziness, and through this system we have developed products such as instant rice. The beauty of these products is that they’re the perfect environment for spores to grow mycelium. The bags are small, sterilized, and full of nutrient-filled grains.

The process is incredibly simple and doesn’t require much more than a syringe of spores, instant brown rice, ispropyl, and Lysol.

Check out r/unclebens for a complete guide on this tek.